Welcome to My 10,000 Words Bio


Just kidding :)
Nobody wants to read such a bio so I read it out loud at home to my non-existent cat :)

Formal 156 Words Bio

I’ve written it in 3rd person so in case any publications or media outlets have to use my bio along with my quotations, they can do so easily. 

“Syed Irfan Ajmal is a digital marketing consultant working at the intersection of Content Marketing, SEO, and Digital PR.

He and his team have generated up to 7 figure annual revenues (in terms of USD) for various American and British e-commerce and SaaS startups.

His articles on personal branding, various facets of digital marketing, and lifestyle entrepreneurship have been published in Forbes ME, the World Bank, HuffPost,, a Virgin Startup (Virgin Group publication), SEMrush, TechWyse, Aurora, and several others.

His blog has also been cited on, TNW (The Next Web), Reader’s Digest, Tech in Asia, SERPed, Ninja Outreach, Ferzy, Animatron, etc.

He has also spoken and conducted workshops in Bali (Indonesia), Dubai (UAE), and Pakistan to a combined total of approximately 3,000-5,000 participants. From time to time, he also makes guest appearances on various online podcast shows.

Having previously worked in Sweden and Denmark, he is now based in Pakistan.”