Conditions for Meetings

If we have never met or interacted before, and/or if I have asked you to visit this page, please check out the details before scheduling a meeting:

  1. My preferred choice for communication is email. Hence, try to find how you can share your queries etc to me via email before thinking about a Skype call or a Phone call.
  2. If I don’t know you well and/or if I haven’t asked you to schedule an online meeting, please don’t schedule a meeting and instead send me an email with a clear subject line.
  3. I am aiming to have an attention span that’s at least one second higher than that of a Goldfish so as to prove this Microsoft report wrong (at least in my case). Hence, while I am working, my phone is silent, and I don’t log into Skype or social media.
  4. What I do for a living is something you got to respect, so please don’t try to talk me into revealing all that I do if I am not being remunerated for it.
  5. I record a select few meetings of mine. But just assume that I record them all. If you are uncomfortable with that, send me an email beforehand to let me know what that is so.
  6. If you are to record our meeting, or if anyone else can see/read it or listen to it, you have to get my approval beforehand via email.
  7. If you failed to attend the previous meeting we have had, I will not attend the one you schedule, unless you share a genuine reason for why that happened.
  8. Please share an agenda for the meeting we are planning to have.
  9. I am not available to come on a Skype call or a Phone call to help you understand something. Check the dozens of articles I’ve written :)
  10. I am not available to help you with your business, marketing strategy, content strategy and/or their implementation for free. Likewise, I can’t recommend you a cheaper resource.
  11.  I am not available to provide counseling on your career, education, life, family matters. Nor am I available to discuss politics, religion, inflation with you.
  12. Unless I don’t know you personally, I will not be able to connect you with someone in my network.
  13. If you are not fully attentive during our meeting (such as playing with your cell phone, talking with other people while I am on the call), I may cancel the call.
  14. If you have scheduled a meeting at 9 am, kindly be online at 8.50 am, and test your audio/video etc with someone else. I will give you the same courtesy.
  15. If the session you are scheduling is a pro bono one, kindly schedule a 15 minutes session only unless stated otherwise.

    Thanks and good luck :)