Guest Post Policy


  • We focus on creating content around how SEO, content marketing,  branding (particularly personal branding), writing, speaking, webinars, Facebook Live video etc can help entrepreneurs, startups, writers, and marketers grow their business (e.g. get more sales, get more traffic, get more book deals, more leads, more influence, a stronger personal and company brand). Within entrepreneurship we are particularly focused on providing marketing advice:- lifestyle entrepreneurship- digital businesses

    – location independent entrepreneurship (we have a guide on digital nomads coming up)

    – app entrepreneurs

    – SaaS entrepreneurs

  • We need in-depth articles which include killer hacks and practical tips that people can implement in their business. Examples of such articles:- How to Broadcasting studio using [name of the software] at Periscope/Meerkat/Blab/Facebook Live Video

    – 5 Things to Avoid During Your Facebook Live Video Transmission

    – 5 Ways to Take Your Blogger Outreach to The Next Level

    – Case Study: How This Startup Used a Unique Growth Hacking Strategy to Get [xxxxx] Users Within yy Months

    – How to use SEMrush to Generate Top Noch Keyword Ideas in Less Than An Hour

  • We are looking for articles which have not been published anywhere else. You can do some repurposing but essentially submit an original article.
  • We write content for small business owners (startups, digital entrepreneurs, lifestyle entrepreneurs, digital nomads) and marketers (SEOs, content marketers, personal branding experts, social media experts).
  • You can include a link to one of your inner pages as long as it is a page which is not too promotional (e.g. you can’t blatantly link to the landing page of one of your services/products) and it adds value to the article.
  • Please include a 100-15o words author bio at the end of your post.
  • Please submit your article in a word document. It should including all the formatting (hyperlinks, bold or italic text).
  • Submit your bio photo. Keep in mind, we will crop and resize to 100 x100 if not that size.
  • Please submit URLs of any social media profiles you want us to show on your guest post.
  • Submit at least one image (e.g. graphs, charts, screenshots) relevant to the guest post that you write.
    • Attach it, but also embed inside the word document at the right place
    • Image should be 240×180
    • Please add photo credit for all images (use photos which you are legally allow to use)
    • Check out Photo pin for getting images – . Or try the commons option on Flickr
  • We always reserve the right to make edits where necessary but you should submit a ready-to-go article.
  • You will be informed when the article goes live. Please try your best to promote it. With regards to promotion it also makes sense to mention a quote or an example from the life of relevant key influencers in the article that you write, and then when the articles goes live, inform them via a tweet or email that you mentioned them and that you thank them for their contribution. It is also wise to build some rapport with the influencer beforehand.
  • Your post should be at least 1,200 words long.
  • Please include links to some relevant inner pages of authority sites. For instance, if you are writing about content marketing, mention a research an organization did with regards to that and link out to that research.
  • Submission of a post does not necessarily guarantee publication. So please ensure that you write on the topic that was approved for you and that it is a quality post.
  • More than anything write because you have something awesome to share; not because you are after a link or accolades.
  • Please send at least 3 topics along with 2-5 lines of introduction about each to sia[at]syedirfanajmal[dot]com. Once we have chosen a topic or suggested an alternative you can go ahead and write it up.
  • Please submit your guest post with the subject [Guest Post][Topic Name] to sia[at]syedirfanajmal[dot]com and wait for our response.

Good luck!

PS: Some of the inspiration (such as ideal image size etc) for this policy come from the one that Jeff Bullas has in place. Thanks Jeff!