Long Tail Pro Review – Is Your Keyword Research Incomplete Without It?


Before we go on to discuss Long Tail Pro let me make it very clear that you can’t afford to write any new content without some prior keyword research.

Even if your site has been doing well without keyword research, it can do 10 times better if you invest at least sometime in keyword research before writing every new piece of content.

This is because people find your content through feeding search engines with some seed keywords, and keywords are what help search engines decide how they ought to rank various sites in their SERPs. Hence every internet marketing personnel, online entrepreneur, and blogger needs those magical keywords to boost their online business.

Till recent years, this meant spending several hours on Google AdWords’ Keyword Planner tool to find the best keywords.

But thanks to Spencer Haws and his team who created Long Tail Pro – which has helped many businessmen and internet marketers become much more successful in inbound marketing by getting them the right keywords.

The best thing about Long Tail Pro is that you don’t have to be an internet marketing expert to take advantage out of this tool. It’s super easy to use, and it also cuts down the time you used to spend doing keyword research, providing thousands of results in less than a minute – Isn’t that great?

There is a huge competition in the online world with everyone trying to make their website appear higher in search engines especially Google and Bing. It was never about how much time you spent on doing keyword research, it’s always about – How smart you are in performing your keyword research. The smartest tool for keyword research as per today’s standards is Long Tail Pro.

Long Tail Pro helps you to get the following long term macro benefits:

  • Country Based Targeted Visitors
  • New Buyers
  • More Business Leads & Sales
  • Business Promoters
  • Business Reputation & growth

It also helps you to get the following micro benefits instantly:

  • Manages Unlimited Projects
  • Generate Unlimited Keywords
  • Analyze Keywords Competition
  • Check Keyword Rankings
  • Export Results & Additional Filtering Options Available

Macro Benefits:

1. ​Country Based Targeted Visitors

​Long Tail Pro helps you to get country based targeted visitors from search engines. You just have to select the desired country while creating your new project and that’s it. If Canadians are your target audience for your product/service, for instance, you’ll select Canada as your country and start performing your keyword research. If you succeed to rank your website for some Canadian keywords you’ll be getting highly targeted visitors for your website – Visitors who are already interested in looking for the services offered by you and who are from Canada.

2. ​New Buyers

​Highly targeted visitors will eventually become your new buyers and with the constant use of long tail, less competitive keywords for optimizing your website, more of these targeted visitors will continue to come and become new buyers of your products/services.

3. ​More Business Leads & Sales

​When you keep on getting fresh targeted traffic from search engines – you will be getting more sales and more leads.

As we mentioned before in another article, happy customers are the happiest promoters – keep your customers happy in order to get your business promoted automatically.

4. ​Business Growth & Reputation

​Your business growth & reputation is directly related to the number of promoters you have – If you have a large audience who is enjoying your services; your business will automatically get a great reputation.

​Micro Benefits:

1. ​LTP Manages Unlimited Projects:

If you are a small marketing agency and you have to manage several projects at a time – you’ll love using LTP – You can create unlimited projects and the results are never gone; they are always there. LTP has helped many marketers to rid the tension of losing important data. You can mark your favorite keywords, you can delete the other – there are so many things to play around with LTP.

2. ​Generate Unlimited Keywords:

​Yes, you can now generate unlimited targeted keywords with LTP in within few moments. You just have to type the root keywords, add them all and hit ‘Generate Keywords’ & that’s it. Mark your favorite ones which sound profitable to your business and discard the others.For each seed keyword, you can also specify words that you want its child keywords to have or don’t have.

3. ​Analyze Keyword Competition:

​This is the most important and useful feature in LTP. You can analyze the competition for your selected keywords using this option with just a single click in Long Tail Pro Platinum by calculating the KC (Keyword Competitiveness) value of each keyword. 1 means the keyword is least competitive and 100 means the keyword is extremely competitive.

I would say choose keywords with 30 or lower KC value in the starter and once you get ranked for a few such keywords target keywords with higher KC value.

In Long Tail Pro’s default version, you can calculate the competitiveness by the following method:

​Consider factors like:

  • Page Authority
  • Page Links
  • Juice Page Links
  • Domain Authority
  • MozRank
  • Page Rank
  • Site Age

You can easily analyze your competition while viewing these factors. For example, if the top 10 SERP’s have few sites whose page authority, page links and domain authority is less than 30, it would indirectly mean that the competition for that keyword is easy and it will be easier for you to rank your website for those keywords.

4. Check Keywords Ranking with Ease

There is another amazing option in LTP known as “Rank Checker”. You can check the rank of any number of keywords for a single domain; you just have to add the keywords and the domain address and hit ‘Check Rank’. The tool will start analyzing your keyword positioning in SERP’s. It is important to keep track of keywords, the positioning of your website and your competitors’ websites for a better outcome.

5. Export Results and Additional Filtering Options Available:

Exporting and filtering results according to your personal desires is the beauty of this powerful tool. These options are the backbone of LTP that makes it superior to the others. You can filter your results on the basis of:

  • Number of words
  • Number of Searches
  • Domain Name Available or not
  • Google Title Competition
  • Bing Title Competition
  • Average Local Searches
  • Average Cost Per Click

6. Customer Support:

​While using any software, the support one gets from the software team is of utmost importance. While writing this review I sent an email to support[at]longtailpro.com and I got a (good) response within 12 hours. I have sent queries to the support team previously too and got a quick and helpful response every single time.

​Things That Can be Improved:

  • ​I feel the speed can be improved a tad bit (I do know that the scrapping from Google will, however, remain slow for obvious reasons).
  • The compatibility with older versions of windows needs improvement.
  • With everyone increasingly going mobile, the LTP team should seriously consider coming up with mobile apps version of the software for iPhone and android.
  • If they can also think of a way in which we can save favorite keywords for every single campaign separately that would be great.


​All in all, Long Tail Pro provides the most flexible and user-friendly interface for any type of business owner/marketing agency to extract real money-making keywords in no time. The best thing is, it is perfect for newbies – It does not require any sort of training – it is simple yet perfect. In case you are still confused about using LTP, check out this amazing tutorial “Learn Everything about Long Tail Pro”.

If this review helped you and you would love to make complete use of the Long Tail Pro, here is my affiliate link that you can use to buy it. Please note that I only promote those products which I use myself and which I feel would be of help to my readers.

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