My Top 2 Game-Changing Productivity Hacks of 2018 [S01E09]

Since I've been reviewing how I did during 2018, I came across 2 simple productivity hacks which helped me see massive improvement in how I work and how I run my business. 

My Top 2 Game-Changing Productivity Hacks of 2018 [S01E09]


In this 7-minute solo episode, I share 2 simple hacks I started using in 2018 which were instrumental in boosting my productivity massively.


Using a bullet journal in combination with POMODORO-based Macbook app has helped me:

  • minimize distractions
  • maximize focus
  • boost my productivity
  • and, in turn, witness my ROI grow exponentially this year

listen to the episode to know HOW i use these hacks ⬇️

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Syed Irfan Ajmal is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and a seasoned digital marketer.
He is an international speaker, and speaks and conducts trainings at various organizations and events of Pakistan and UAE.
Moreover, he also writes about entrepreneurship and digital marketing for various large publications of the USA, UK, Canada, and Pakistan including Forbes ME, the World Bank, Huff Post,, Virgin, and others.
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