Peter Gould on Design Thinking, Branding, and Productivity [S01E01]

Peter Gould Speaking in the SIA Business Podcast

Brief Summary

Peter Gould is a talented serial entrepreneur and design and branding specialist from Australia. He has worked with several large organizations. In this interview, we discuss his initial tough days, challenges of being an entrepreneur, his business development process, productivity and more.

(His detailed bio as well as show notes to follow). 

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A Confession

This podcast episode took me an extremely long time to publish. I don’t have the courage to mention how long I made Peter wait but I hope he can blame this on the perfectionist gene which kept making me put off this episode. My apologies, once again Peter. 


Detailed Bio of Peter Gould

Apart from being a kind and patient person, Peter Gould is also a designer extraordinaire, branding expert, creative entrepreneur, and digital artist. Over the last ten years or so, he has been involved in the development and launch of many exciting and innovative projects globally which have reached millions using a positive, inspirational creative approach.

He has run a successful branding & design firm Gould.Sydney from Australia working with a wide spectrum of clients from global icons such as the United Nations, international agencies and governments, large commercial enterprises including Etihad Airways, Thomson Reuters and household brand names such as Colgate Palmolive. This firm was recently acquired by Zileej; more on that later. 

His artistic work has been commissioned by diverse clients ranging from Middle Eastern royalty and a Prime Minister and has featured in galleries around the world. He has won several awards, including recently an Islamic Economy Award presented by Dubai Ruler HH Sheikh Mohammed. He has even launched his own apps & games, a clothing range, several online creative platforms, and he conducts branding workshops internationally.

He is also the Design Executive Officer Zileej which focuses on creating positive change through design, with a focus on inspired innovation and Islamic design thinking. Plus, he has over a quarter million social media followers.


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Show Notes

In the above candid interview, Peter shared some excellent insights which can be of help to any entrepreneur and creative such as: 

The intersection of arts, creativity, and technology

• Balancing one’s artistic flairs with commercial aspects of work

• Branding and what it means

• His agency’s initial approach to working with a client, be it a big brand or a small startup

Using the dove analogy for better work performance – (it’s a good example; do check it out!)

• Example of a successful marketing campaign done where Peter’s team helped a community-based organization raise over a million dollars of extra donations (70% increase) through unique and disruptive stickers plus social media campaign

• Peter’s initial struggle when he was in the initial years at the university and had started his first company. (I love him sharing how he would have sleepless nights and then try to get an hour sleep under the corporate boardroom before the client would walk in; that’s some HUSTLE!)
• The need for doing internal for-fun projects (like the kids’ apps that he has created when his kids came along) which in turn led to more opportunities in the form of clients wanting his agency to create similar apps

The 4-Hour Work Week and how people often get confused over this; 4-hour work weeks means delegating more so you have more time and then it’s unto you to use the free time to sit on the beach or like Tim, Peter and me to spend it on doing new projects and things

• Great advice to people who are stuck in a 9 to 5 job that they hate, but who are afraid of venturing into entrepreneurship

• Why having a job and entrepreneurship are not mutually exclusive concepts (as in you can be an entrepreneur in today’s day an age while you have a job and continue building it until you earn enough to be able to ditch your job and focus full time on your business)

• The secret to Peter’s marketing methodology for bagging big brands etc (it’s simple and fun!)

Go ahead and check out the episode! I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did!


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Syed Irfan Ajmal is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and a seasoned digital marketer.
He is an international speaker, and speaks and conducts trainings at various organizations and events of Pakistan and UAE.
Moreover, he also writes about entrepreneurship and digital marketing for various large publications of the USA, UK, Canada, and Pakistan including Forbes ME, the World Bank, Huff Post,, Virgin, and others.
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