Media Mentions & Press Citations for Syed Irfan Ajmal

It is always a pleasure and an honor to share insights on key areas of my focus. Below are few of the media mentions and press citations I and my blog have earned during the process:

Featured in HBR (Harvard Business Review): How to Motivate Your Team During Crunch Time

Featured in 5 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Self-Confidence Secrets [Authored by Kate L. Harrison]

Featured in Reader’s Digest13 Types of Annoying Co-Workers—Make Sure You’re Not One of Them!

Featured in TNW (The Next Web)14 Pro Tips On How To Do PR For Your Startup Differently

Featured in My personal branding guide Branding Yourself for Success was cited in How to Protect Your Service Business and Brand It for Success

Our blog cited in CNET: Satellite surveillance may be less of a privacy concern than you think — for now [Anchortext: tech expert Nooria Khan]

Featured in Spin SucksThe Big Question: What are Your Biggest Marketing Challenges?

Quoted in Your Parking Space (UK): The Best Tips for a Road Trip – Expert Roundup

Interviewed on 12 Minute Convos With Engel Jones Podcast Show:
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Featured in MarTechExec:  Can marketing exist without technology? Hear what the experts have to sayOther experts included Nathan Chan (Founder Magazine), Colin Kinkert (SERPed), Eder Holguin (oneQube), and Sandra Giffin (MondoPlayer). 

Featured in SERPed26 Experts On How AI Will Change The Way We Do SEO
(Other experts included Sam HurleyDavid Schneider, and Mike Kawula)

Featured in Fit Small Business: Top 25 Sales Techniques from the Pros

Featured in Oberlo13 Best SEO Tools that SEO Experts Actually Use in 2018

Featured in New Gen AppsBig Data in Marketing: 5 Applications that’ll Change Your Funnel

Mentioned on Dream Grow: How to Write Content Around Keywords to Boost Your Rankings

Mentioned on Small Biz Club: 5 Uncommon Personal Branding Tips for Success

Featured in IlmFeed: Top 5 Lectures from Day 2 of M Powered Summit Dubai 2016

Interviewed by Shapiro International: SEO Tips by Entrepreneur and Speaker

Interviewed by KP IT Board: Facebook Video Live Chat regarding Personal Branding and my upcoming workshop at the Digital Youth Summit

Interviewed by Profitability Revolution Paradigm Podcast Show: Communicate the best version of yourself. Why Personal Branding is important.

Interviewed by Chuck Wang on the MVP Marketing Podcast (Former guests included John Lee Dumas and Ryan Levesque): YouTube Video |  iTunes

Featured in Tech In Asia: These former freelancers struck gold on their own. Now they want to help others get there

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