Below are some tools (I’ll be adding more soon) which have helped me have a solid digital footprint.

Domain name

A domain name is like the 'address' of your 'online house'. Typical costs of domain names are around $10/year.

However, if you are after a special domain name (e.g. or the costs would rise up to tens of thousands of dollars per year. 




I've used Namecheap for domain name purchase/management for years now, and it works well.
Note: I've not used their hosting service so I can't vouch for that. I use it to buy domain names only.



​A domain name isn't enough. You got to 'host' your website somewhere. That's kind of similar to how you can't be satisfied with just an address for your house; you got to place that house on a residential plot. 

I used HostGator between 2004 to around 2013-2014. But since it was purchased by EIG (which has become pretty notorious over the years for its silent take over of various hosting providers and then messing them up; more on that here), it became pretty bad. That's when I started searching for a new hosting service.




Since then I use Web Hosting Hub, and despite some small problems, for my small website, it works pretty well.




There are a variety of SEO tools I use from time to time. 

The one tool I use every single day would be Ahrefs. It can do a lot ranging from rank tracking to finding viral content ideas to 'spying on competitors' to much much more.


Another tool I enjoy using is Authority Labs as, unlike Ahrefs, it gives me daily ranking updates on keywords I am targeting to get ranked for. ​


DISCLAIMER: If you choose to buy the services using the links below, it may help me get a small commission (at no extra cost to you).

However, I only share tools that I've personally used, and I do my best to share an unbiased review of each tool based on what I feel is good (or not so good) with them. 


You must still do your own research to see what works best for you.