Guest Post Policy

“If you’re not putting relevant content in relevant places, you don’t exist.” - Gary Vaynerchuk

Please Do NOT Write for Us…

Now that I have your attention

… let me assure you that I would love to have your insights published on my blog. However, most pitches sent to me are REJECTED.

Please give the below guidelines a read if you want to ensure that your pitch is noticed.


Article Submission Guidelines

Any pitch received which doesn’t meet the criteria below will be IGNORED.

If more pitches are received the person or the company sending it will be put it in my ever-growing spam list 🙂

See you on the other side!

  • Quality Articles Only
    We don’t enjoy the kind of content which is often seen on digital media these days. Please only submit quality, in-depth posts only.
  • Long Form Content
    We rarely accept posts that are below 1200 words, and the chances of your article being accepted for publication increase much more if it is 3,000 words or more.
    Of course, this doesn’t mean that you write vague, generic stuff to increase the length of your piece.
  • Your Reader’s Attention Span is Less Than That of  a Gold Fish
  • According to a study by Microsoft Corp which is covered by Time, the attention span of a Goldfish is 9 seconds and that of a ‘normal’ human brain is 8 seconds.
  • Hence, what you write should be formatted and written in a way which keeps the reader focused.
  • For instance, your article title’s job is to get the reader to read the first paragraph. The first paragraph’s job is to get the reader to continue reading the next paragraph.
  • Please do use relevant images, animated GIFs, statistics.
  • Also make various words/phrases of your article bold, italic etc to make the reader (and the bots) take notice.  Note the kind of formatting I have used on the page you are currently reading for inspiration. If you are unable to do, it makes our job harder and I am not a huge fan of that.


  • Sources Are Resources
    Please back up whatever you write using credible sources. Also, use storytelling and examples where necessary to explain your assertions better.