Social Champ Review- An All In One Social Media Scheduling Tool

What’s the most exhausting marketing task you have ever come across? 

For many, it is the part when you have to post manually on all your social media accounts just to maintain your social media presence. 

Many marketers have gotten tired of juggling tabs, posting manually to each social account. This task is often in addition to the host of tasks running alongside. That’s when you need a dependable social media scheduling tool to streamline your tasks and save you some time. 

The web is overflooded with tons of social media scheduling tools, but how would you decide if a tool is precisely the one you have been looking for so far? 

Almost every social media scheduling tool comes up with advanced features, but the thing that makes them unique is pricing. There is so much to explore beyond the social posting options. What if we say we have a superb tool when it comes to features. 

Let us introduce you to Social Champ, your true friend. 

Here’s to  Social Champ 

Social Champ is a powerful platform for automating your social media efforts and responding to your customer queries. When you opt for the platform, you have the perfect tool to automate social account management and boost engagement on your posts. This makes Social Champ the tool of choice for result-driven businesses that want to reach a massive audience and share quality content to drive traffic and engagement. 

With the tool, you can schedule posts multiple times and post to Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. You can schedule on the go and repeat your posts multiple times to grab your audience’s attention. 

Here comes the most significant thing: Social Champ is the perfect fit for SMEs that need to schedule posts and promote business on different social media platforms because the tool offers the right balance of features and price plans. 

However, the tool is also a great fit for large companies like banks, universities, and incubators who need a dependable social media management tool that the entire team can use. This is where the Teams feature of Social Champ comes in. 

It is because of these features that Social Champ has earned the trust of 600k+ users. 

It isn’t hard to set up your Social Champ account. Just create your email, enter your password, and there you go. Start hitting your keyboard and work more proficiently. 

So whether you are a small business or a globally distributed team, Social Champ is a social media marketing automation tool that effectively manages and schedules your social media posts and brings all your social accounts under one umbrella.  

Social Champ’s Main Features: A Glimpse

Let’s take a look at the main features of Social Champ. 


Get rid of switching tabs and enjoy stress-free social media management with Social Champ. Create, schedule, and analyze your posts from a single screen. As a result, you save time and become more proficient in social media management. 

Social Inbox 

Stop struggling with your multiple inboxes. Instead, let Social Champ manage all your profiles from a single inbox. Respond and react to your messages rapidly through Social Champ without getting overrun by the inbox messages. 


Keep an eye on your social media posts’ progress. Sort out the analytics data for each profile by likes, comments, and retweets—moreover, export analytics data to a CSV file. 

All In One Calendar 

Drag posts within the calendar view and rapidly re-schedule or edit them. View all your scheduled posts within a single view without leaving the tab. 

Bulk Upload 

Schedule tons of content in one go with the bulk uploader. Upload posts for weeks ahead and ensure engagement without dedicating too much time to daily scheduling. 


Automate sharing of the content from your favorite blog to your social media profiles. Auto-RSS is easy to set up and does not need any further time or tweaking on your part. 

Team Collaboration 

Build up your dream team and produce high-quality content. Add your team members without sharing credentials and manage social media accounts. 

Pros of Using Social Champ

When you opt for Social Champ, you have a tool that comes with a host of features that add value to your digital marketing operations. Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits Social Champ delivers to your business:

  • Get powerful insights into all your social accounts. 
  • Multilingual sentiment analysis.
  • Save your time.
  • Save analytics data to a PDF file for later reference.
  • Export CSV file to keep a record.
  • Repeat and Repost with one click.
  • Post your content with the Auto-post RSS feature.
  • Reply to messages from a unified inbox.
  • Upload content in bulk.
  • Recycle your content.
  • Edit your images with Canva, Wave video, and Crello
  • Get top content suggestions.
  • Group favorite social media profiles to share content.


Social Champ offers four plans.

Professional, Champ, Business, and Agency with many exciting features.

Pro: Connect up to 15 social profiles. Schedule 300 posts per social profile. Handled by one user, and that too only $9 per month.

Champ: Connect up to 25 social profiles. Schedule 1000 posts per social profile. Handled by two users. Only $26 per month.

Business: Connect up to 50 social profiles. Schedule 1500 posts per social profile. Handled by six users, and that too only at $89 per month.

Agency level: Connect up to 100 social profiles. Schedule 2000 posts per social profile. Handled by eleven users, and that too only at $179 per month.

So, signup for a 7-day free trial to test the platform and see whether it is a good fit for your social media marketing operations.

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